Paid Ad Copy

My ad copy experience spans dynamic e-commerce retargeting, B2B outreach, and podcast sponsorship.

LinkedIn Targeted Ads

At Expert Institute, I created these copy variations for a campaign targeting a very specific subset of legal professionals on LinkedIn. The team’s goal was to promote brand awareness to attorneys we had not previously contacted. I crafted the copy to convey the company’s most compelling value props and speak to common pain points within the legal industry.

A facebook ad for Expert Institute that advertises connecting with the right expert for every case.A facebook ad that promotes the suite of services for finding expert witnesses.

Podcast Sponsorship

Expert Institute’s sponsorship of this legal podcast was a strategic business development partnership. I wrote the ad copy with succinctness and flow in mind (as its end state was audio). I also left room for off-the-cuff commentary from the podcast hosts—personal anecdotes (especially from esteemed attorneys) will always be the greatest social proof.  

Dynamic Product Ads

At Chairish, I managed an ongoing DPA program through Facebook. This was the highest performing paid social channel from a ROAS-standpoint. I regularly tested and swapped in new action-oriented ad copy to encourage shoppers to purchase previously browsed products.