In my current role, I’ve found a knack for naming things (at least the Exec team thinks so, they keep taking my suggestions). Here’s a look at my brief but exciting titling tenure.

Diagnosing Liability

Early in the pandemic, I worked on developing the company’s first foray into podcasting. The final product is a deep dive into litigation areas that have shot to prominence during COVID. Each episode is a moderated conversation featuring attorney and expert commentary. For the name, I wanted a nod to the public health crisis environs but to also make clear this show would contain hard-hitting legal analysis. 

Screenshot of Spotify episode page of the Diagnosing Liability podcast.

Mass Tort Accelerator

I’m especially chuffed to have named one of Expert Institute’s signature legal services. An on-staff physician pitched the service after noticing the volume of work and lack of strategy that went into many firms’ mass tort preparations. The service is designed to help firms organize plaintiff records, streamline intake, and find their representative bellwether trials. I took all of these goals into consideration when brainstorming names. And Mass Tort Accelerator struck the right blend between describing what and telling how.

The Mass Tort Accelerator product page on Expert Institute's website.

iQ Points

iQ Points was an off-the-cuff suggestion in a Marketing-Product touch base that really stuck. Expert iQ is the company’s first software solution and we were discussing its accompanying release notes email. My thoughts went to playing on this brain trust-intelligence-measurement theme already in the platform’s name, and iQ Points felt like a much more playful way to say “Update Digest”. And so, iQ Points became the official vehicle for “Keeping score on the latest in Expert iQ.”

iQ Points product release email template.